08 Sep Why We Pray/Meditate After Workouts

20150904_tmac_fitness_1656_1I have been advised over and over again not mix in faith with fitness. ‘People are weird about that stuff,’ I am told. ‘You will turn people off and that is bad for business.’ My response to that? How can I not?

Don’t get me wrong, I know why people come to TMAC FITNESS; it is because we make kick ass 20 minute total body workouts.  I also know that a lot of people likely turn off the workout before the prayer/meditation – and that’s cool too. But take it from a guy who had his share of ups and downs, and has worked with a lot of people over the years, there is a direct correlation between your attitude in life and your overall health. Taking a few moments each day to connect (however best honors your spiritual practice) is a great way to help us walk and live in gratitude. So it is my opinion that the attitudinal and spiritual component of the 20 minute videos is just as, if not MORE important than the workouts themselves.  Just as we feed the body with exercise and wholesome, healthy foods, we must take time to feed and nourish the mind and the soul as well.  If we are all body all the time chances are we will get injured, feel discomfort and sometimes even break down because we are seldom taking the time to really pause and listen to what it is that we need to find balance. 

Not too long ago I received the email below from Edward, in Melbourne, Australia. Sadly, Edward recently lost his father. That said, there are two ways to handle real pain and grief: run away OR run towards God. Edward and his mother chose to run towards God. Much Respect!  Edward and his mother were kind of enough to share their story with the TMAC FITNESS community, in hopes that it could help someone out there going through a similar painful situation.
“My name is Edward and I live in Melbourne, Australia. Mum discovered your MBG workout video on Mind Body Green and they were and still are an absolute blessing to her. At the time Dad was dying from cancer and your workouts allowed Mum to keep fit and healthy while also spending the long hours supporting Dad at the hospital and in his treatments. She then introduced them to me when she saw that I was struggling with how much time I was spending also trying to keep fit, healthy and strong. Its safe to say that they have transformed my life. I was spending up to an hour and a half working out before heading into work and it was becoming a millstone around my neck. Now, thanks to the changes you have helped me make, I have time to spend with God in the morning while still keeping the strength and physique that I was trying so hard to maintain. Mum and I really like and appreciate how you pray and give thanks to God at the end of every session.”

This, to me, is THE WHY behind what we do. To uplift. To inspire. To connect. We just happen to make kickass 20 minute workouts.

Let’s take a few moments of silence this week, after one of our workouts, to honor Edwards’s father and pray for healing and love for their family. Prayers and love your way Edward!

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