08 Nov Why Green Tea Should Be In Your Diet

Green tea is a key component in the TMAC nutrition plan, and here is why:

Green Tea contains a high amount of the potent antioxidant EGCG Picture-71-300x220(Epigallocatechin Gallate.) EGCG is far more effective in protecting our cells from damage than Vitamin C or Vitamin E. To preserve these powerful antioxidants make sure to brew your tea for at least 3 minutes or use 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder.

Green Tea Super Powers:

1.) Lowers Blood Pressure– by repressing angiotensin II, green tea is proven to lower your blood pressure.
2.) Lowers Blood Sugar– that’s right, green tea is diabetic friendly. Recent research shows daily green tea consumption can prevent the development of Type II Diabetes as well as reverse it.
3.) Fights Cancer– by reducing oxidative stress you can lower your risk of getting cancer, especially breast and prostate cancer.
4.) Bye-Bye Cholesterol Problems– lowers cholesterol by blocking the body from absorbing “bad” LDL cholesterol.
5.) Boosts Energy– natural caffeine found in green tea provides you with clean energy without the “crash.” Caffeine content ranges from 25 mg in an 8 oz brewed cup of tea to 70 mg in 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea powder.
6.) Increases Mental Clarity– the natural caffeine content found in green tea is proven to enhance your ability to focus.
7.) Keeps You Looking and Feeling Younger– green tea fights off free radicals and lowers oxidative stress which helps aid in the aging process. Also, experts have found that people over the age of 65 have an easier time with every day activities when they added green tea to their diet.
8.) Keeps Us Lean– enhances our bodies fat burning abilities.
9.) Boosts Immunity– prevents us from catching viruses, meaning less of those nasty colds.
10.) Improves Your Memory– sparks new brain cell growth, helping you in the classroom and the office.
11.) Your Kidneys Love it- helps protect your kidneys from damage produced by drug induced toxins.

20150904_TMAC_FITNESS_0706_1Why Green Tea Should Be In Your Diet
By: Todd McCullough

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