24 Oct What’s Your Process When Failing?

What’s your process when failing? It’s interesting how social media can give us a false sense of reality of those we follow.

I occasionally run into people I have not seen in a while and they say “TMAC FITNESS is going great. We are so proud of you.” While I am extremely grateful for these kind words, the truth is TMAC FITNESS is no where close to where it could be with better leadership. That’s on me. I accept that responsibility.

What I can tell you, if there is one thing I am good at it’s failing. Admittedly it’s painful as hell. There is no sugar coating when you work your ass off and it doesn’t pay off it hurts.

My process after failing:
1) I have a beer or glass of tequila (just one). I let the pain sit in. I FEEL it. I acknowledge it.
2) Then I remove myself from the equation and objectively look a the problem. What went well? Where did we go wrong? What can we do better next time?
3) Now it becomes a fun puzzle for me. In a weird way I enjoy this process, because deep down I know I am growing. I am stretching my capabilities.
4) Take action. This part is important. It doesn’t do any good to go through painful reflection without stepping back in the arena as fast as possible.

If you are reading this and you have failed recently whether that is a recent work project, fitness goal, broken relationship, etc I hope this process helps you along your journey.

Struggle well my friends. 🤙


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