25 Jun TMAC Featured In Mantra magazine

Todd McCullough Mantra MAgazine

“The human spirit can only be suppressed so long before it says it’s had enough.” Todd McCullough

Before time runs out or they sell out, be sure to pick up a copy of the June edition of Mantra magazine to read more about how Todd McCullough, a former college football player from Florida, stepped out of his comfort zone and traded in showing up to practice with his shoulder pads and a helmet to showing up barefoot with just a yoga mat to practice. I’m sure the first few classes for Todd felt “awkward and uncomfortable”, but the journey has taught him a lot about the personal growth that comes from getting out of your comfort zone. As Todd shares, “the human spirit can only be suppressed so long before it says it’s had enough.”

His article asks a very good question to ponder if you are still moving along on the comfortable path of life: “Do you feel alive on the comfortable path?” If not, what steps will you take to get out of your comfort zone?

Step 1: Pick up a copy of June’s Mantra magazine at Whole Foods!
Step 2: Choose or write a mantra for your new “feel alive” zone. One of my favorites is “you’ll always get what you always got if you always do what you’ve always done”.
Step 3: Live your mantra, get out of your comfort zone and be ready to GROW in ways you never even imagined possible.


You can read the full article here: http://mantramag.com/getting-comfort-zone-todd-mccullough/

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