09 Jul Three Tips to Keeping Your Priorities Straight

IMG_1709The 4th is always a great reminder for me of what really matters: Family & Friends. Don’t get me wrong, I love kicking your ass with our 20 minute workouts, but the stuff I cherish most in life is quality time with those closest to me. It’s is easy to say family and friends matter, but does your time reflect that? I struggle as much as anyone here. The following are three habits I have formed over the years to help keep me true to my priorities.

  1. Plan a set time to connect with those closest. Ideally you do this in person. Back home in the South this is usually on Sundays after church. The family all gets to get together, cooks, hangs out…good times. Since moving to LA, I have come to love how my Jewish friends do this very same thing on Fridays for Shabbat. Same basic concept: family, friends, quality time. The kids learn to light the candles and sing a Jewish prayer that is passed down from generation to generation. Really cool stuff. 

    Now for those of us who live away from our family, I have found that facetime is a great way to stay connected. Each Sunday, I facetime my mom and try to sneak in a call with my brother and his kids if I can catch them. Whatever you have to do…try to get connected.

  2. Make family/friend time a set goal. I have no doubt that unless you write something down and constantly look at it, most likely it never gets done. Each year, I write ten goals down that I want to accomplish and they cover everything from business to personal. One goal that never changes is to make it home twice a year and another is get together with college chromies and their families once a year. I can’t say it is convenient or cheap, but I am always glad I did it. 
  3. Write a thank you card once a month. The last week of every month I have a reminder in my phone to complete this task.  I send them to family, friends, clients, former coaches, mentors…basically anyone that comes to mind that has had a positive influence on my life. This forces me to pause, reflect, and be grateful. Relationships are the jelly to my peanut butter sandwich. #PeopleMatter
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