12 Oct The Power of Defining Moments

In this episode of The Learning Leader Show, Dan Heath discusses The Power of Defining Moments.

Here are a few takeaways:

Parent Advice-

  • Sarah Blakley’s father used to ask his kids this question at dinner, “What have you failed at this week?”
  • You can have a profound moment in your kid’s life in a brief moment.
  • Are you posting “picture perfect moments” of you as a parent?
  • Are you sending your kids out to the real world with skin that is too thin?

Work/Business Notes-

  • If you are trying to help someone you care about grow, you need to encourage them to stretch/leave their comfort zone.
  • We think change happens when we get the analysis right, but change happens when we get the motivation right.

Click here to listen to The Power of Defining Moments from The Learning Leader Show.

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