09 Jun The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook


Good ol’ fashioned cooking meets healthy eating. That is what you get when you try Laura Lea’s food. Several of her recipes have been featured here in the past and I absolutely love what she is doing with her company LL Balanced. Laura is getting families back together in the kitchen and sharing meals.

Our mission with TMAC FITNESS is to help families thrive. We provide quick 20 minute workouts, fast healthy recipes, and tips to get your #mindright. It’s easy to get caught up in all that speed and forget the importance of slowing it down once in awhile. Try making it a goal to cook one meal a week together as a family. Play some music. Open a bottle of wine (grape juice for the kids), and share a meal. If you want to experience one or 123 of Laurel’s delicious dishes you can purchase her new cookbook on Amazon#backtothebasics

Follow Laura on Instagram @lauraleabalanced

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