23 Sep The Importance of Working With Like-Minded People

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-3-26-38-pmTMAC hanging with The SunLife Team.

I spend a lot of time digging into people before I work with them. Some may say this is not “efficient” but I like to know the character of the people I work with. What drives them? Do they value substance or are they about the glitz and the glam?

The result of a little extra inquiry upfront:

  • Unbelievable Synergy: They get your mission and you get theirs. You are able to focus on creating something special. You find yourself losing track of time and in a flow state. This type of energy is contagious and a helluva good time.
  • A Helluva Good Time: When this type of energy is flowing it makes it hard for the work process to be anything other than fun. They are bringing new ideas to the table, you are bringing yours and together y’all create magic. I have been in meetings that have lasted for hours and it felt like ten minutes. You feed off each other. And guess what? When you are smiling more it lowers your stress levels.
  • Big Ass Smiles: Besides lowering your cortisone levels…you get a sense of relief knowing that those you work with are enjoying it as much as you. Imagine how much you could smile and relax if you knew your colleague always handled their shit. You do not have to babysit them. If they are in; they are ALL IN – with a smile!



If you are struggling to be present outside of work with those you care most about because you are worried about work, then take the last three hours off work this Friday and reflect on your current business relationships. Do you enjoy working with these people? Are you invested in helping them achieve their mission – creating a win-win work environment? Can you see a solution that would get you to a place of deep trust? Don’t be the guy who blames things on the people. You are a grown ass man (or woman). You entered this relationship and you are accountable for everything that you have created up to this point in your career. If you do not see you and your partners getting to this level of synergy then end it and move on. Going forward, seek like-minded people to work with and always remember… less can (and often does) result in more.

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