18 Apr “Mind Right” Dining in L.A

Chef decorating pasta salad with herbal leaves

Eating out is generally “off limits” for people trying to stick to a healthy diet plan. This is primarily due to restaurants’ limited healthy options, questionable quality, and unique ability to sneak in hundreds of extra calories to even the healthiest of dishes. Simple alterations such as requesting light oil/butter and getting your dressing on the side allow you to create healthy options just about anywhere. Unfortunately, these special requests still leave room for other unknowns such as poor quality/lack of nutrient dense food. The good news? There are healthy, quality ensured, delicious options everywhere in L.A, giving you a “mind right” option for every occasion!

Here are some of our favorites:

Breakfast/ Brunch: Coral Tree Café (Brentwood, Encino, Century City Express Café) and Shoop’s European Deli (Santa Monica)

Raw/Ultimate Health: Euphoria Loves Rawvolution (Santa Monica + Nationwide delivery)

Post Workout: Earth Bar (Brentwood, West Hollywood, various Equinox gyms)

Juicing and Specialty Shopping: One Life Natural Foods (Santa Monica)

Salads: Blue Plate, Marmalade Café and Greens Up! (Santa Monica)

Casual Lunch/Dinner: Tender Greens (numerous L.A locations) and A Vôtre Santé (Bentwood)

Date Night: True Foods Kitchen (Santa Monica)

Sushi: SUGARFISH by Sushi Nozawa (Brentwood, Downtown L.A, Marina Del Rey, Studio City, Santa Monica, and coming soon to Beverly Hills)

Can’t go wrong: Whole Foods Market (Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Westwood, West Hollywood, West L.A, Venice, Santa Monica and beyond.)

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