“I wanted to say thank you for the TMAC program. It has been a blessing to our family. I am losing weight, getting stronger, and have more energy than ever. But this is more than a workout program. I find myself more intentional in every aspect of my life. I am more productive at work. And more present with my wife and kids. ”

– Travis Hodge from Jacksonville, FL, Financial advisor, husband, and father of three children

lauren“Hey Todd, simply wanted to say thanks for the TMAC Workouts.  I am a wife, mother of three, and work full time. As you can imagine that does not leave much time for me to take care of my own health. Now after work I throw the kids down on a mat next to me and we do your workouts in the living room. It’s challenging and fun at the same time. We love it! Thank you. Thank you.”

– Lauren Minyard from Austin, TX, Working mother of three children

lecunaTMAC FITNESS has a global presence. You can workout from anywhere in the world! Check out the Lecuna family in Sydney, Australia.






traveller“Thank you TMAC. I often travel for work which throws me off my fitness routine. Now I can stay on top of my game and do your workout in my hotel room when traveling.”

– Fern Langham from New York/LA




rachel“Thanks TMAC for pushing me to be the best I can be. It’s hard to find motivation on the road, but TMAC 20 workouts are the perfect regimen, even on my busiest of days. Can’t wait for you to keep kicking me into shape!”

– Rachel Platten, Rachel’s song “Fight Song” hit the top of charts around the world



jennifer“After years of being in a weight room for years doing mostly Olympic lifting for college softball, I had to come to reality that I could no longer spend an hour everyday in the gym and still handle being a mom in addition my responsibilities at work. I knew I would get bored with some hour long cardio DVD. I wanted to still train like an athlete. I have found the TMAC 20 Workouts to be the perfect combo of body weight, aerobic, and stretching that my body now needs.”

– Jennifer, Sports Information Director for CPA High School, Former University of Alabama Softball Player, Wife and Mother of 2 boys

jacob“I am amazed by the results that can be achieved through 20-minutes of daily exercise.  TMAC 20 workouts are intense, focused and fun. Sometimes, I do them alone, sometimes with my wife and sometimes with my children….but I am always happy and sweaty when I finish!”

– Jacob Rothman, Fixed Income Portfolio Manager, husband, and father of 3 young children

andy“T-MAC is the real deal. His workouts kicked me into shape. They are the hardest and most rewarding routines I’ve ever done.”

– Andy Grammer, Musician

tyler“Todd’s complete approach to fitness has helped make me mentally and physically stronger.”

– Tyler Rhoden, Vanderbuilt Baseball

ingle“Todd’s drive is contagious, and he knows how to pull the best out of you!”

– Ingle Martin, Former NFL Quarterback

sinqua“Todd helped me get mentally and physically fit. His training appraoc prepared me for filming technical scenes that required agility and core strength.”

– Sinqua Walls, Actor