26 Aug Supercharge Your Workouts

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You want to workout and be more consistent but you cannot make it stick. Try these three simple life hacks to make sure you get the most out of your workouts.

1) Prepare Your Mind Today For Tomorrow’s Success

  • Before you go to sleep place your workout clothes by your bed, especially your tennis shoes. My high school football coach, Corky Rogers (the All-Time Winningest Coach in Florida high school football history – Go Bolles!) used to always tell us he would lay out his coaching shirt and pants by his bed the night before every game. Coach was already visualizing the feeling of success the night before. Your subconscious mind is powerful. Tap into it. The same can be applied to tomorrow’s workout.


2) Find An Accountability Partner

  • We all need accountability. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a friend and say, “Hey, I want to step up my fitness game. Wanna meet me at the track tomorrow? Or take this CHALLENGE with me?” Knowing that someone else is depending on you can be the deciding factor in your success. Besides, what an honor you are giving to your friend. You are basically saying, “Hey bro or sis, I respect you. Would you go through this with me?” If they say no, then no worries. Ask someone else. Failure is simply not trying.


3) One Step Forward

  • One step forward is more powerful than you might think. Energy is a continuous flow. Once your body gets in motion it craves more. Set realistic goals. Maybe your goal today is to take a 20 minute walk after lunch. If that is new for you then that is a win! We all need a win. Take one step forward this week. That will lead to two steps next week. You got this!


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