02 Sep Substance Over Hype

File_000 (1)Coach Martin giving his players at CPA a pep talk.

We live in an age where social media and the digital landscape command our time and attention. Social media is a great tool to use for following the news or transferring information, and obviously wonderful for being social with friends and others. I have zero problem with this. What I am concerned with is when people suggest that digital power equates to real life influence.

Let me point out my good bud Coach Ingle Martin. If you live in Nashville, TN, you probably know the name. It is usually associated with words like Winner, Character, Leader. Guess how many Instagram followers Ingle has? ZERO! Because he is not on social media. Ingle values substance over hype. I’ll explain with an example:

When Ingle won his first state championship as a coach (he won six as a player), he wanted to have the team throw the State Championship Trophy in the river because he desperately wanted his team to know it is not about winning football games. Luckily he was talked out of this. Haha. Sure, Ingle understands part of his job is to win football games, but his life’s mission is develop young men so one day they will become good husbands and fathers. So while he could have posed with the trophy and gotten hundreds of “likes”, he preferred instead to show his athletes the substance of their achievement.

There are a handful of people in my life I go to for advice. Ingle is one of them. That is influence my friends. Why do I choose him? Because I know his character. He is grounded and does not pay attention to the hype. This kind of person is rare, but if you know what you are looking for they are easy to spot out. They often go against the grain. It’s all about substance for them.

Try this – write down your 3 best friends. What can you say about their character?…Pay close attention to the people you go through life with. Have a great week!



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