14 Jul Steak & Asparagus

Prep Time:
5 mins. Cook Time: 10-15 mins.

Ingredients: (per single serving)
– Grass-Fed Steak (4-5 oz cut of your choice)
– Bundle of Asparagus
– Salt, Pepper, Garlic Salt, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos for seasoning
– Olive Oil for sauteeing
– Bone Suckin’ Sauce (optional)

1) Heat up grill (or grill pan on stove)
2) Marinate Steak with Salt/Pepper & drizzle with Liquid Aminos
3) Slice bottom ends off asparagus
4) Sprinkle garlic salt on asparagus
5) Add a touch of olive oil to pan over medium heat
6) Add asparagus to pan and start to sautee (8-10 mins)
7) Place steak on grill (or grill pan)

*It will only need to cook a few minutes on each side depending on thickness, so you can start the steak after the asparagus

* Top with Bone Suckin’ Sauce after you plate Steak & Asparagus (it’s the only TMAC approved sauce as it is low in sugar and has clean ingredients)

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