28 Sep Stairway to…Heaven? Workout

Integrating stairs into your workouts is a great way to increase your aerobic fitness and strengthen your lower body. While challenging, stair workouts are easily tailored to your needs. You can vary your speed (run, fast walk, easy walk), climb every two steps or every step, climb more flights, or reduce your rest intervals.

Stairway to…Heaven? Workout*:

  • First Round – Warm Up – Walk 5 flights and follow up with some light stretching
  • Second Round – Warm Up – Jog 5 flights followed by a 3 minute rest
  • Third Round – Run 10 flights (every step) followed by a 2 minute rest
  • Fourth Round – Run 10 flights (2 steps at a time) followed by a 2 minute rest
  • Fifth Round – Run 10 flights (high knees – every step)

If you’re in southern California you should check out the Santa Monica stairs. Take it one step at a time!

*Note: Feel free to modify this workout as you see fit depending on how many flights of stairs you can access.

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