I want to thank Leah for allowing us to share this personal story. My hope is that Leah’s story encourages you to keep a positive attitude during your own personal struggles. 🙂

Below is a summary from a DM Leah sent me.

“I am loving the yoga flow this morning. I was able to do wheel this morning which I haven’t done since elementary. When Belden (yoga teacher)  said ‘Yoga is meeting your body where it is. I was SOBBING…

I have been struggling in the recent months as I was diagnosed with a reactivation of Epstein Barr Virus which has literally kicked my butt in ways I just don’t even know. It’s been hard mentally because of the symptoms like joint weakness, brain fog, and fatigue.

I have been gaining weight even though I am eating well and working out five days a week…nothing seems to be helping.

Today I said let go of the hard Cardio and just do yoga and I was able to meet my body where it was.

So I wanted to say THANK YOU Belden! Belden your yoga videos are on point and I love how you walk us through each pose. You are a master at teaching for sure.

Todd thank you for TMAC and all you are doing and for putting this out in the world, the combination of you two is utter perfection. So my sincerest gratitude towards you both.

You have no idea how you have impacted my day with mindfulness and how much you have helped me through a very challenging couple of months.”



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