15 Mar Solitude

Solitude. Your weekly #mindright challenge.

  • This week carve out thirty to forty-five minutes just for you. Go somewhere quiet. Relax. The first ten to fifteen minutes just relax. Get comfortable. Maybe stretch a bit. Listen to relaxing music. Do you.
  • Once you feel relaxed focus your attention on one thing. Maybe it’s the rise and fall of your chest with each breath you take. Maybe it is a bird chirping in the background. Maybe it’s a candle you have lit. Focus on the flame. Thoughts will come in and out. Let them pass through without judgment. Simply return back to the focus of your attention.
  • After ten to fifteen minutes of this, open your eyes. Notice how you feel. You may feel lighter. More relaxed. Maybe some deeper issues that you have stored away have come up, maybe it’s overwhelming gratitude and joy. Welcome the good and bad. These emotions are your True Self communicating with you. Listen. Honor them.

Have a great week!

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