07 Dec Screen Time

Screens are just another tool in a long line of human inventions that have changed the way we live. Some of these inventions are devices we can make outside of ourselves: hammer is an extension of our fist, a knife is an extension of our tooth. Having our devices outside of ourselves and being able to switch them out depending on what we needed to do makes us incredibly versatile creatures.

Phones are becoming so personal because it’s not just a phone – it’s a mental exoskeleton: external part of your brain. One of the problems is that it demands all of your attention instead of lets you be human. When this device demands all of your attention, it can interrupt other primary tasks. For instance, driving or just walking down the street.

Walking down the street is often kind of a boring place, you can escape from it by going into a different type of place. This virtual reality that we have in our pockets has become often more real, or at least, attracting our attention more. So even though it makes you temporarily superhuman, it actually gets rid of a lot of the other sensory perception that you might need to rely on as an individual in society.


And because of that (accessibility to broadcast our lives), you have a second self. Whether you like it or not, you’re starting to show up online and people are interacting with your second self when you’re not there. And suddenly, we have to start to maintain our second self.

What I’m (Case) really worried about is that people aren’t taking time for mental reflection anymore and that they aren’t slowing down and stopping, being around all those people in the room all the time that are trying to compete for their attention. They’re not just sitting there. And really, when you have no external input, that is the time when there’s a creation of self, when you can try and figure out who you really are.  And then once you do that, you can figure out how to present your second self in a legitimate way instead of just dealing with everything as it comes in.


Amber Case Ted Radio Hour

Screen Time
TED Talk & Ted Radio Hour By Amber Case

Cyborg Anthropologist
Found via Ted Radio Hour: HERE
Full Ted Talk: HERE

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