10 Feb Pay Attention to the Details

Here is a quick video I did this week for Instagram on the importance of paying attention to the details. I have been fortunate to work with successful athletes, coaches, business owners, and entertainers. The one thing they almost all have in common is attention to detail. For example, my legendary high school football coach, Corky Rogers (most wins in Florida High School History), would have the offense run a particular play (The Trap) over and over. And when I mean over and over, I mean just that. They would spend twenty minutes perfecting this play against every possible formation the defense could use. This went on year after year. Fifteen years later they are still working on it.

Now why spend so much time on only one particular play? Because success is found in the details. Coach Rogers and the staff knew this. It was not necessarily “The Trap” that was important but rather the approach we took to everything in our game day preparation and our lives.

How can you apply this?

What is your craft? Start there. How can you tighten up things? What is the experience when someone calls your office? Who speaks to them? How do they navigate that conversion? Does the person calling feel the person on the other end actually gives a damn about them? If not, why not? Do you have the wrong person answering the phone? What can you do to make sure the person answering the phone is upbeat every morning? Can you bring them a cup of coffee? This is just one tiny way you can begin to focus on the details. Imagine if you took this approach to your whole business…or even your life! Success is in the details my friend. Have a great week!

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