Honestly the reason I workout is to find STILLNESS each day.

I am not one that believes that Stillness can only be found in yoga.

Many of you have experienced The Runner’s High…that is stillnesses as well.

It’s that gray space between the consciousness & unconscious.

Regardless if it’s yoga, running, or a TMAC 20 Workout I encourage you to be INTENTIONAL in creating stillness in your life.


Do whatever Movement your enjoy then meditate immediately after.
***HERE is my 4 minute daily meditation.

Below Are A Few Personal Benefits Of Seeking Stillness Each Day.

1️⃣ Positive Mindset.
• By first moving my body before dropping into a meditation/prayer I create endorphins that make me feel amazing.
• Energy is contagious. ?

2️⃣ A Clear Lens To Filter The Day.
• There are many things that happen throughout the day that we have zero control of, but we do have control of our reactions.
• By creating STILLNESS before emails & social media I am able to objectively observe what is happening around me and CHOOSE a POSITIVE response.
• How we consistently respond to stressful situations determine the quality of our life.

3️⃣ My Daily Time With God.
• I have been talking to God almost every morning since I was twelve, but it wasn’t until I learned the power of meditation that I was able to create the space to HEAR God.
• There is a profound difference between talking to God and listening.
• By connecting with God on a consistent basis it reminds me to seek Eternal Values and not get caught up with quick wins.
• By no means doesn’t this make me without error or fault. I fail daily, but it definitely helps with life’s big decisions.

Such as:
• What values you seek in a partner.
• What career you choose.
• Daily decisions on how to treat people…which in the end are The BIG decisions of your life.

My hope for you today is to CREATE a little STILLNESS in your life.


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