18 Aug What is Inspiration?

We've all had days we aren't feeling particularly inspired. What exactly IS inspiration? And how do we get inspired? This interesting article by David Brooks from the Op-Ed section in...

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10 Aug Take Inventory of Yourself

Want a chance to grow this week? Check this out. Former USC Basketball Coach Stan Morrison used to ask new staff members two things: 1. In 30 words or less, what's your...

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27 Jul Rebranding Our Shame

“When we deal with people as if we know everything about them because of a label someone applied to them, we run the risk of dealing with a concept not...

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20 Jul Lagniappe

What is lagniappe? The short answer is an extra or unexpected gift or benefit. Motivational speaker Roger Crawford defines it as "beyond full measure".  In Life on the Mississippi, Mark Twain writes,...

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12 Jul The ONE Thing

My favorite summer read thus far: The ONE Thing So many great things to take from this book. Here are a few notes: Your ONE Thing: What's the ONE Thing you can do such...

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