10 Mar Maximize Your Mindset

15lawsDo you see yourself as a positive upbeat person? If were to ask your friends and family would they say the same thing? If not yes, then let’s get to changing that. It starts with a mindset.

Check out this excerpt from John Maxwell’s book “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”:

I have come to adopt a positive life stance because I believe it gives me the best chance to succeed while putting me in the best position to help others succeed. I came to develop this mindset by the following way of thinking:

  • Life is filled with the good and bad.
  • Some of the good and bad I can’t control – that’s life.
  • Some of the good and bad will find me.
  • If I have a positive life stance the good and bad will become better.
  • If I have a negative life stance the good and bad will become worse.
  • Therefore I choose a positive life stance.

That’s a big #mindright Mr. Maxwell!

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