My one piece of advice for those interested in self-growth and starting a business would be to learn to struggle well.

What does self-growth and starting a business have in common?

They both require you to evolve.

To evolve, you have to break down parts of you and create a new, better version.

This is a painful process, but worth it.

My goal with writing this is to help you learn to enjoy the struggle.

It is the struggle that makes you.

Sacrifice is required.

But you can learn to find joy and meaning in the struggle.

To me, that is the beauty.

That is the victory.

Two Tips For Those Starting A Business:

1) Learn to develop a bird’s eye view of the situation.
+When you remove your emotions and look at things objectively things become clear.
+A daily meditation practice will help develop this skill set.

2) Success is never a straight line.
+Take ownership of your errors.
+Correct them.
+Move forward.
+Repeat the process.

Two Tips For Those Interested In Personal Growth:

1) Your personal experiences are a great way to learn, but will only take you so far. You have to learn to see things from other’s perspectives.

+For this to happen, you have to remove the ego. To remove the ego, you have to break down everything you once believed to be true, even those that served you well in the past. You have to evolve.

2) Seek lasting principles. This will keep you from being caught up in the fads of today or allowing raw emotions determine your actions.

Final Thoughts That Can Be Applied To Those Starting A Business and Interested In Self Growth.

1) Don’t forget to put your toes in the sand once in a while.
+Soak up the beauty this life has to offer. You are only here for a brief time.

2) No amount of business success or self-discovery will replace love.
+Seek love above all else.

#mindright -todd


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