03 Aug Leadership Podcast – How To Go From Good To Great


Ryan Hawk is killing it.  I am loving his podcasts more and more as the year goes on.  His most recent guest is no newcomer to leadership.  As a matter of fact, if you get nothing else from this post, simply go buy Jim Collins’ book Good to Great. #gamechanger

Here are three takeaways from this podcast:

  1. “You seem to focus a lot on the question ‘How to be successful?’  That is the wrong question.  The right question is ‘How can I be useful?'”— Peter Drucker sharing advice with Jim Collins
  2. Understand the hedgehog concept — Be an expert in one thing…Know it very well
    • 3 parts of the hedgehog concept
      • Be deeply passionate about your thing (whatever that might be)
      • Be encoded for it…You’re really good at it, an expert
      • Economically, you can make money from it
  3. “The most important question is WHO.  First WHO, then WHAT.  Who will be your mentor?  Who will be your friends?  Who will you help?  Who will you spend time with?  You don’t need to answer what until well after you’ve answered WHO.” — Jim Collins

Click here to listen to listen to Ryan’s interview with Jim Collins — How To Go From Good To Great

Find more podcasts from Ryan Hawk at learningleader.com and follow him on Instagram @ryanhawk12

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