09 Aug Keys to Success from Clay Mathile former CEO of The IAMS Company

I completely geek out on Ryan Hawk’s Learning Leader Podcast. I loved this one with Clay Mathile, former CEO of The IAMS Company. Where else can we learn from titans like this? Enjoy! This is a good one.

Here are a few highlights that I took from it:

  • It took five years to figure out the problems and five more years to fix it.
    • I started TMAC FITNESS nine years ago as a personal training company and have been producing online workouts now for four years. There is something to that five year mark. It took me several years to build the personal training business, then I saw the limit of that business model. Now being online for four years, I am beginning to see the flaws in the online model and have a better idea on how to improve it.

  • Clay’s desire to learn and humility to acknowledge his weaknesses. He enrolled in a business course while already achieving success.

  • You need a board of advisors for your business.
    • “They see things that you don’t see. A strategic overview. It’s something you can’t do yourself.”
    • “After you’ve been in business for 10 years, 75% of all problems are because of you.”
    • This is definitely true. I have started the process of bringing on a few rock star board members for TMAC FITNESS. Looking forward to sharing them with you soon!

Click here to listen to the podcast.

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