Before you give this a hard no, I want you to answer the following two questions?

  1. Is not the intention behind meditation to STILL THE MIND?
  2. Have you actually spent time hunting the way described below?

You may know me now as this Yoga Guy, but what you probably don’t know is, I grew up in The Deep South where my dad would take me deer hunting as a kid.

And when I mean a kid, I mean I could barely climb the tree stand.

Anyone else remember those old dangerous ass tree stands where you just nailed some wood into a tree and went up about 15-20ft?

The way my father hunted was a very serious almost methodical practice….keep in mind a deer can feed a family for a long time.

The Process:

  1. Sit quietly for roughly three hours.

  2. Never make fast movements.

  3. With intense focus look “through” leaves and brush. You are looking for a flicker of white. Any small movement to alert you. You want to see the deer before he/she can smell or see you.

  4. You never just turn your head. You start by slowly moving your eyes. When your eyes can’t move any further you slowly turn your head …and just the slightest bit. We are talking just a few degrees.

Now repeat what I just described for three hours….can you see how this would “Still The Mind?”.

As I am writing this, my brother is hunting in Kansas meaning he just drove across the country to go sit in the woods for hours.

He will likely hunt for up to 7-10hrs a day for several days.

Why would someone do this?

Most hunters will tell you it’s not about actually killing anything. It’s about the hunt.

Hunters will tell you they feel more relaxed, happier, and clear minded after hunting?

Sound familiar?

Almost the exact feeling I experience when meditating.

Don’t expect to meet my father and brother in a yoga class, but I do like joking with them that they actually like “Meditating” more than I do …even though they don’t call it “Meditating.”



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