06 Oct I Won’t Back Down Circuit Workout

We lost a rock legend this week. As big Tom Petty fans we dedicate this week’s workout to him. The song I Won’t Back Down inspired our circuit. Keep that song title in mind when your legs feel like giving out on the final wall sit. And make sure to crank up your workout music!

I Won’t Back Down Circuit Workout

Warm Up – light stretching of your choice, easy three minute jog

  • Flutter Kicks – 1 minute
  • Side Plank – 1 minute each side
  • Plank Leg Raises – 30 seconds each leg – when you are in plank raise one leg up and hold it 6-8 inches off the ground
  • Plank Arm Raises – 30 seconds each arm – when you are in plank raise one arm up next to your head so your bicep is near your ear and hold you arm out extended
  • Air Squats – 1 minute
  • Wall Sit – 1 minute – “Hey baby, there ain’t no easy way out”

Repeat three times with 1 minute rest in between each round.


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