1️⃣ From Downdog step your right foot through and walk it out to your right hand. This is a great way to make sure your stance is wide enough.

2️⃣ Your Back Foot is turned slightly in and your front foot is pointed directly ahead.

3️⃣ Check your second toe in your front leg to make sure it’s in alignment with your knee. Be sure not to let the knee buckle in.

4️⃣ As you pull your right hip back, your left hip is “attempting” to square.

5️⃣ Firm your back leg. Notice how your hips adjust. Now continue with trying to square your hips. This is the action you are working in Warrior 1.

6️⃣ Your arms are lifted overhead. External rotate your hands. Relax the muscles in your neck.

7️⃣ Hold Pose for one minute. You will notice the hip beginning to open up around the 40 second mark.

A few random notes:

▶️ Perfection doesn’t exist in yoga. I have been practicing for ten years and am no where close to getting my thigh even with my knee.

▶️ This is what I love about yoga. There is no destination and there is always room for improvement.

▶️ For those of you with tight hips this is a great pose to incorporate in your training program.

▶️ Runners who have low back issues try doing Warrior 1 for two sets after your next run and notice how better your back feels.


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