Some of you have been asking for another kettlebell workout. I LOVE this one. It will get your heart rate up and works all your major muscles group…Best yet, you can do this workout at home or at the gym. You just need one kettlebell.

**modifications in the video.

Complex: Move Through Following Exercises Without Rest.

A) KB Push Ups (LFT) 5x (Pro Tip: Focus on control throughout the movement).
B) KB Reverse Lunge/Press 5x (Pro Tip: Focus on keeping the kettlebell in tight)
C) KB Push Ups (RT) 5x
D) Reverse Lunge/Press 5x
E) KB Squats 10x (Pro Tip: Keep the weight back in the hips. Inhale on way down, exhale on way up. Keep core engaged).



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