09 Dec Heart-Pumping WOD

This workout of the day (WOD) only has three moves. It seems deceptively simple and yet when I did this the other day I learned just how effective those moves can be. About three rounds into it and my heart rate was through the roof. This was my first time doing “toes to bar”….I struggled. So much that it pissed me off and I went home fuming. I Googled the technique to see exactly where I could improve. I’m already looking forward to trying this WOD again.

Today’s Workout (five times through the following)

Row 250m ….If you don’t have access to a row machine, sprint 300 meters.

Bar Thruster 25x….Front squat the bar then press up.

Toes to Bar 15x….Watch video for technique.

This video does a great job of explaining the “toes to bar” technique. Much more efficient than what I was doing. Now go get YOU some!

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