07 Aug B.Y.O. Healthy BBQ Bites.

Summertime = BBQ time which is always a fun time but can easily tempt you off the healthy eating track.  You can stay on track and still enjoy all these fun times with your family and friends by bringing some of your own healthy options to add to the standard BBQ mix. Try one of these simple ideas when you roll into your next BBQ:

BBQ-If you eat meat but are sticking to the TMAC diet and skipping the buns, bring some fresh big leaf lettuce to wrap your burger in. Guaranteed you will not be the only one going “protein style” with your burger.

-If you don’t eat meat, bring a box of your favorite veggie burgers. Again, you will probably win a new friend or two from others who were wishing they had done the same and you’ll have a few to spare/share.

-Skip the chips and slice up some sweet potatoes (thinly) and toss on a grill pan with some salt and pepper and oil;  or build a skewer of peppers  & onions (if you don’t have skewers just drizzle a little oil on the veggies, wrap in foil, and toss on the grill).

-Squeeze some lime and sprinkle some Tajin seasoning onto mango or pineapple pieces for a super simple and super tasty side that will have you coming back for more (even more than ‘that guy’s’ “famous” potato salad!).

-Bring some fresh berries and, if you can, make a super fast, super simple fresh whipped cream using a hand held electric mixer and heavy cream (you can make ahead and just keep in a cooler or fridge until served). It’s so simple to make and so impressive when people find out it’s freshly made whipped cream (and not out of a container or spray bottle!). Fresh berries, whipped cream and a drizzle of honey and you won’t miss the pie and ice cream.

You can get more creative with sides and ideas but the point of it all is to bring some healthy and tasty eats with enough to share and you won’t feel like you are missing out when you head to next weekend’s BBQ.

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