28 Sep Gym Workout: Bel Bottom

On the days I have the extra time, I love going to the gym with friends. The Bel Bottom is a solid workout. Reach out to a friend now, and get this one in this week.

Circuit 1:
A) Squats: 10x, 8, 5, 5, 5 – increasing weight each set.

B) Dip L Sit: to failure each set.

A/B – 5 sets

Circuit 2:
A) Single Leg RDLs: 8x/each leg

B) Row: 12x/each arm

C) Farmer’s Walk: 50 yards

A/B/C – 4 sets

Circuit 1: 4 sets
Circuit 2: 3 sets

Circuit 1:
A) Body Weight Squats: 10x

B) Pushup with hands on bench: 5x

A/B – 4 sets

Circuit 2:
A) Row 8x/arm

3 sets

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