14 Jul Grown Man Burger

Ingredients: (per serving)
-Ground Beef (1/4 lb/serving; Grass-Fed preferred)
*Ground Bison is also a good choice
-Portobello Mushroom
-Salt, Pepper, & Bragg’s Liquid Aminos for seasoning
-Bone Suckin’ Sauce (optional)

1) Prep burger patty with Salt & Pepper; drizzle with Liquid Aminos
2) Place burger on heated up grill (or grill pan)
3) Chop up 1/4 Onion
4) Chop up Portobello Mushroom (1/2 cup)
5) Saute Onion & Mushroom in skillet (over medium heat)
6) Flip Burger after 4-5 mins on one side
7) Add 1 handful of spinach to skillet (a few minutes after you start onion & mushroom…it will shrink down quite a bit)
8) When finished, place burger in a bowl and add cooked veggies
9) Top with 1/4 sliced avocado and Bone Suckin’ Sauce (optional)

*Watch your muscles GROW!!!

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