04 Jan Goal Setting: Bucket List 2016


I want to change the world. And I want to change the world via the ‘Andrew Carnegie Dictum – to spend the first third of one’s life getting all the education one can, to spend the next third making all the money one can and to spend the last third giving it all away for worthwhile causes.’


In 2016 I want to embrace vulnerability in all aspects of my life, I will put myself out there and take more chances.


– ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. – Mahatma Gandhi
– Inspiration often comes from time spent with other people. Happiness = real experiences with real people.
– Laser focus on the important and not the urgent.


Business Owner


1.) BUSINESS OWNER: Move TMAC FITNESS into profitability. 


2.) DISCIPLINE: Become more deliberate about what I do.

3.) SWEAT: Jen Selter abs and booty. (ok, maybe not that big of booty!) 

  • Workout 6 days a week. (I have been good about this since Movember thanks to the TMAC workouts.) 
  • Add a 20 minute walk to my day, preferably after breakfast. 

4.) ADVENTURE: Work and live from anywhere in the world. 

  • Australia for a month
  • Europe (Greece and Roosendaal to see my brother) for a month
  • New York for 2-4 weeks 

5.) FAMILY: Improve on my role as a sister, daughter, and grand-daughter. 

  • Call my family on a weekly basis and travel to Europe to meet my niece. 

6.) SPIRIT: Listen, reflect and be grateful. 

  • Write down one thing I am GRATEFUL for each night before I go to bed.  

7.) FRIENDS: Be honest, be true, be there. 

  • Call a different long distance friend each week. 

Writing this blog is practicing my paradigm shift. Stating to friends, family and colleagues that ‘I want to change the world by creating a powerful brand’ may bring on a lot of naysayers and is incredibly vulnerable. Yes in the back of my head I know some of you will think I am crazy. Even though failure can be petrifying, living in regret is even scarier. Third Regret of Dying is ‘I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.’ So here it is. I firmly believe all of my goals are achievable. Breaking goals down into small actions will add up to real change.

What are your goals for 2016?  Our challenge for you to pass this post along to one friend, hold each other accountable and remember to ‘Choose your mountain not for its summit, but for the climb, and enjoy the adventure!’


Goal Setting: Bucket List 2016
by: Sanja Komljenovic
Co-Founder of TMAC FITNESS

Instagram: @sanjak
Twitter: @sanja



Bucket List 2016

Due to the encouragement of a couple of good friends and mentors I have decided to put my own goals down on paper. With the help of ‘Your Best Year Yet’ by Jinny S. Ditzler recommended by my business partner Todd, I set out to create a purpose filled mission and strategy for 2016 and beyond. I hope that sharing my personal goals helps you set yours.

Here is what I have found: 

‘Upon graduation, 83 percent of business school graduates had no goals, while 14 percent had vague goals in their minds but no written goals. Only 3 percent had clearly articulated, written goals. When their level of accomplishment was compared ten years later, those with some sense of their goals earned three times more than the ones with no goals, and the 3 percent with written goals earned ten times more than those with none at all!

But goals alone are not nearly enough. When we’ve achieved a goal that has been driven by our values, by what we believe in and what’s really important to us, we experience a flow to our lives and a sense of fulfillment in our hearts and minds.

Goals guide you to be responsible and proactive in your life. The more specific and measurable your goals, the more willing you are to be responsible for making them happen.’ 

For GOALS to be effective, they must be:

– Specific
– Measurable
– Time-framed
– Start with a verb
– Be either result or process oriented

Jinny asks 10 questions that will determine your personal mission resulting in guidelines, a new paradigm, a major focus and top 10 goals for the year.

Here is where I am…


Million Dollar Woman
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Goal Setting 2016
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