02 Nov George Raveling – Eight Decades Of Wisdom

This is one of my favorite podcasts from Ryan Hawk. Ryan sat down with basketball coach George Raveling. George was the first African-American basketball coach in the PAC-8 (now PAC-12). Listening to Coach Raveling’s story of overcoming adversity is inspiring. His dad died when he was 9, his mom was institutionalized when he was 13. He was raised by his grandmother and nuns.

My three takeaways from this podcast:
1. George never made excuses. He owns his decisions. I believe all leaders possess this characteristic.
2. The importance of a great role model in a child’s life. Listening to George talk about his grandmother it’s clear she was an incredible woman in her own right.
3. Leaders have a growth mindset. They have a vision. They execute this vision.

“The slave owners used to hide money in books because they knew slaves would never look in the books because they couldn’t read. If someone can control my mind, they can control my body. I will not let that happen. Books are my mistress.” – George Raveling

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