09 Mar Focus On Consistency

The key to getting in great shape is consistency. We suggest getting a SWEAT in every day. Our goal for you is to make fitness a lifestyle. So figure how you like to SWEAT and do that! Make sure you are choosing types of exercise you enjoy and that compliment your active lifestyle. Keep fitness fun and make it work for you. Too often people get caught up chasing results. You have more control over how consistently you do something versus the results you get from it.

Our #1 tip for improving your consistency – find a workout partner (or two)! Family member, friend, co-worker…it doesn’t matter. Having another person to work out with and hold you accountable to your goals will give you a huge boost in working out consistently.

Give yourself the opportunity to achieve greatness. Focus on consistency, not results.

TAKE ACTION: Tag a friend and make this commitment. We will workout together 2x this week.

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