[embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ItWZtGYJfRs&feature=youtu.be[/embed] Some of you have been asking for another kettlebell workout. I LOVE this one. It will get your heart rate up and works all your major muscles group...

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28 Dec Your New Year’s Workout

 I was back home visiting my family for Christmas and stepped into the old gym. And when I say “old gym” I mean a rusty old bench and some dumbbells....

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15 Nov Home Kettlebell Workout

Equipment Needed: One Set of Kettlebells ADVANCED Deadlifts - 20x Bird Dog Push-Ups - Dudes: 16x; Ladies: 10x Lunge Plyos - 45 seconds Jumping Jacks - 75x Side Plank Variation -...

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02 Nov New AB Workout. No Equipment Needed.

ADVANCED: • Slides - 12x/each leg • Crunches - 20x • Oblique Crunches - 12x/side Repeat 2 times. MODERATE: • Slides - 10x/each Leg • Crunches - 12x • Oblique Crunches - 8x/side Repeat 2 times. BEGINNER: • Slides - 8x/each...

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24 Oct Dumbbell Workout

The idea with this workout is you only have one set of dumbbells and you need to knock out a great workout. Move from one exercise to another without rest....

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19 Oct Medicine Ball Workout

ADVANCED Circuit: Air Squats – 15x Medicine Ball Slams – 5x Burpees – 10x Medicine Ball Wall Toss* – 10x V-Ups – 5x Single Arm...

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