08 Sep The Nancy Workout

Ever have those moments where you are in the gym and just standing there, looking around?  You successfully caught up with your mates and you've also successfully wasted your first 20 minutes....

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20 Aug Get a Grip…On a Kettlebell!

Your Kettlebell Workout This Week: Kettlebell Hanging Squat* 20x Sprint 200m Pushups (to failure) V-Ups 15x  Repeat Circuit 5x as fast as you can. *Kettlebell Hanging Squats Technique: Athletic stance (see image). Toes slightly turned out....

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12 Aug Quit the Gym – Hit the Farm!

Time to get outside and enjoy the sun. This workout is a full day's farm work distilled down to 20 minutes. It WILL knock you out. Sprint 400 meters Push-ups 10x/Squat Jumps...

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