19 May Trusty Treadmill Workout

Too hot outside? Too rainy? Whatever the reason, this treadmill/kettlebell circuit workout is the perfect option for a "weather day". Circuit: Kettlebell Swing - 15x (see video below) Sprint 600...

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12 May “The Sled” Gym Workout

Who wants to get in great shape? Then what are you waiting for?? Get started on “The Sled” Gym Workout! Circuit 1 Sled Push - 50 yards (Add weight as needed. You...

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04 May Total Body Toning

This week we are bringing you a total body toning workout. I tried it at the gym last Thursday and loved it. Warning: You will SWEAT! Just imagine I'm right there...

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21 Apr Master the Handstand

Can I do a handstand? Sure, but it looks like sh*t. I have horrible shoulder mobility thanks to two shoulder surgeries. They anchored that bad boy in tight! So instead...

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14 Apr Back to the Gym

Gym Circuit Workout: Row - 300m Handstand Hold - 1 minute* Walking Dumbbell Lunges - 20x Lat Pulldown - 12x Elbow Plank - 1 minute Repeat this circuit 5x *Unless you are a yogi, a one minute handstand hold...

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06 Apr TMAC’s 3 Minute Leg Workout

Split squat jumps, butt up squats, and much more in this quick, invigorating leg workout. Click here to watch the video and learn how to tone your legs in 3 minutes!...

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