14 Sep Got questions about sugar?

Many of you want to know how much sugar you should actually be eating. Some questions include: How much fruit should I eat? Is sugar a good post workout fuel source? When is natural sugar too much?   Here’s what you need to know. Click here to learn more...

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30 Sep Three Hot Tailgating Tips

Click here to learn how to make a Grown Man Burger. I love football season! Spending an afternoon watching college football is about as American as apple pie. And I love me some apple pie. Along with lazy weekends watching football comes the tendency to pack on about 10-15...

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06 Mar SIMPLE SQUARES Make Snacking Simple

TMAC Fitness takes a "whole-foods" approach to nutrition focusing on vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, olive oil and coconut oil). We encourage incorporating these items into making simple, fresh meals and snacks whenever possible. When life gets busy though, we...

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28 Feb Healthy Food Swaps For Weight Loss

We know how important both working out and eating well is to meeting your weight loss goals. There are many food swaps that can help you loose weight faster and more healthfully. The suggested food swaps below are aimed at enhancing fat burning and reducing...

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