I first heard this from my coach at The University of Florida. We were playing The University of Miami in The Peach Bowl in Atlanta. Miami’s running back, Frank Gore was carving us up.

We could not figure out what was going wrong, then our coach reminded us “Get back to the basics.” In football, that means, things like gap responsibility, hand placement, leverage, etc. Basically, things you work on day 1 of training camp. Once we did that we began to shut down Miami’s offense.

But how does Getting Back To The Basics Help You In Your Personal Life?

Let’s first look at what IS NOT Getting Back To The Basics.

Common examples:

  • Things get difficult and you turn to alcohol.
  • Feeling lonely so you rush into a relationship.
  • Blame someone else for the current state of your life.

What are The BASICS to Me?

MOVING & CONNECTING every morning before social, emails, text messages etc.

When we wake up we have the OPPORTUNITY to program our brain for STRESS or JOY.

How MOVEMENT & CONNECTING helps us experience JOY;

Movement aka Exercise shocks the system. It helps release the stress we are holding in the body and those endorphins….Oh Yeah!

But Movement alone will simply leave you with another endorphin high that you will be chasing again tomorrow.

By CONNECTING we can tap into JOY.

Connecting for me is a form of Prayer//Meditation. It does two things:

  1. It leaves you with a feeling of deep connection. It reminds us we are part of something bigger than ourselves….feels so good. 🙂
  2. Allows you to be the OBSERVER of your feelings and thoughts. You can now objectively look at your current situation.


You can feed the sorrow/pain and let it run your day, or you can acknowledge the struggle and let it teach you what you need to learn from this experience.


Joy is found within. Getting back to the basics helps remind you of this.

Next Steps:

If you would like to Get Back To The Basics, click HERE and join thousands of us who are waking up tomorrow MOVING & CONNECTING.


Have a great week! -Todd


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