06 Jan Accelerate Your Fitness With This Workout

file_000On the path to self-improvement there is one sure way to succeed – attempt things you have never done before. Push yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable. With this in mind, I designed this week’s workout – it’s sure to make you uncomfortable (in a good way). Basically, this workout kicked my ass!


  • Dead Lifts 5x
  • Lat Pull Down 12x
  • Walking DB Lunges 20x*
  • DB Incline Press 8x
  • Medball Rotational Slams**

Complete this circuit five times through.

*On the second and fourth set substitute a 400m Sprint instead of Walking DB Lunges.

**Video for Technique for Medball Rotational Slams. If your gym does not have a medball you can use a cable machine to simulate the rotation. That said, if your gym does not have medball and wall to slam shit against, you most likely are not a gym but rather a spa pretending to be a gym. #mindright 

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