25 Jun A Kettklebell Workout (‘Whatta B*tch”)



  • Treadmill: 2 laps jog (800 meters)
  • Quick stretch


  • Burpees (with push up) 15x
  • KB Swings 15x **technique below)
  • Treadmill: 1 lap sprint (400 meters)
  • KB Single Rows 10x/each side **technique below
  • Side Plank Pulls 15x/each way **technique below

Repeat circuit 5x as fast as possible.

**Kettlebell Swings: Stand in Athletic Position. Grab KB with both hands and straight arms. Push hips back. Thrust hips forward. Your arms will stay straight and the KB should move just above eye level. Once you get the technique try for a heavy weight here. But technique first!

**Kettlebell Single Arm Row: Find a bench or box. Place left hand on box for support. KB in right hand. Stagger Right leg back. Keep a flat back. Eye level down. Let KB hang down in your right hand. Pull KB to right side of ribs then return back down to hanging position. 10x Then repeat other side.

**Side Plank Pulls: Lay on the ground on your right side. Now lift your hips off the ground supporting your weight with your right elbow and arm. Take your left hand and curl underneath your rib cage then open arm up. You should feel a deep engagement of your right obliques. 15x then repeat other side.

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