TMAC FITNESS 30 Day Challenge with WHOLE30

Starts January 7th

Transform Your Body & Mind. In Just 20 Minutes A Day!

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•  20 Minute Workout Videos – unlimited access to 60+ Beginner and Advanced options.
•  Daily Workout Calendar – tells you which workouts to do on which days.
•  Introduction to the 30 Day Challenge PDF – jump start your fitness with our program guide.
•  No Equipment Needed – no excuses, right?
•  End On A High Note – every workout ends with a brief meditation.


Value = $1,300



•  30 Days of #MINDRIGHT Challenges – improve your personal relationships and foster well-being.
•  #MINDRIGHT Morning Routine – develop habits to improve your productivity and focus.
•  Community and Relationships – connect with others looking to improve their lives just like you.
•  Positive Mindset – learn how to cultivate positivity and reap the benefits in all aspects of your life.
•  Connect with TMAC – Weekly Instagram Live during 30 Day Challenge where TMAC answers your questions.


Value = $600

Total Cost = $1,900


Your Cost = FREE

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Want access to all the TMAC 20 Workouts?

15 Day Free Trial

Enhance you experience with WHOLE30



•  Featuring 150 all new, Whole30-compliant recipes-all fast and easy to prepare.
•  Recipes perfect for weeknight cooking, lunches in a hurry, and hearty breakfast that still get you out the door on time.
•  WHOLE30 Coaches will be hoping on @tmacfitness instagram to help you with questions.



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You’re looking to lose weight, get strong, and feel amazing in your body.


You can commit just 20 minutes a day to getting your best body ever.


You want a workout that you can do anywhere – at home, in an empty conference room at the office, outside in the park.


You want to improve work productivity.


You’re looking to cultivate a positive mindset.



I love a good challenge! Don’t you? We will use Instagram to help facilitate the challenge and encourage each other.


1) To be eligible to win the prizes below you have to post twice a week tagging @tmacfitness and using #TMAC20.


2) Your posts can be a picture or video with your SWEAT | EAT CLEAN | #MINDRIGHT Challenge of the day.


3) After the challenge we will choose the winners and contact you. Prizes include BBQ Sauce Kit from New Primal, 3 FREE Months of a TMAC FITNESS Monthly Membership, TMAC FITNESS Tank Top, and a FaceTime call with TMAC to go over your fitness goals.


4) Follow @tmacfitness now for updates before the challenge.

“I wanted to say thank you for the TMAC program. It has been a blessing to our family. I am losing weight, getting stronger, and have more energy than ever. But this is more than a workout program. I find myself more intentional in every aspect of my life. I am more productive at work. And more present with my wife and kids.”

– Travis Hodge from Jacksonville, FL, Financial advisor, husband, and father of three children

“TMAC 20 workouts are the best workout solution I have tried so far. As a single mum of 2 wonderful girls and full time lecturer and pediatrician I’m really tight on time, so these 20 minute kick-ass workouts are an ideal solution. The variety of moves and routines makes sure things never get boring – and I have definitely seen results since starting the program. Todd’s down to earth, practical attitude towards a healthy lifestyle really resonates and his sense of humor makes it all the better! The spiritual connection and reminders to appreciate all we have are the icing on the cake that helps not only to work towards physical health but also emotional and mental well being. Thanks TMAC!”

– Priyia Pusparajah

TMAC FITNESS Member Lanie and her husband doing a TMAC 20 Workout!

TMAC FITNESS Member Lauren teaching her son the importance of community service in one of our #MINDRIGHT Challenges.

TMAC FITNESS Member Keshia and her workout partners.

How will the 30 Day Challenge work?


Immediately after signing up you will receive a welcome email with the INTRO pdf and MINDRIGHT pdf. Access to the workouts begins on Sunday, January 6th and lasts for 30 days. *Be sure to check your Promotion/Spam Folder

What happens after the 30 Day Challenge?


You can sign up for a TMAC FITNESS Discounted Yearly Membership! Our hope is you carry with you the healthy habits you’ve built over those 30 days.

Is there a catch?


Nope, no funny business. If TMAC FITNESS isn’t for you – no problem. There is no contract, no fees, and no commitment. The TMAC 20 and and Daily #MINDRIGHT portion of The 30 Day Challenge is FREE!  If you would like to follow The WHOLE30 you will need to purchase the book. You can purchase the book HERE

I don’t have any workout equipment. What should I do?


Sign up! All of our 20 Minute Total Body Workouts were designed with you in mind. Our motto is “No Equipment. No Excuses.”

What are the workouts like?


The workouts are a blend of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Yoga.

Can a beginner do these workouts?


Yes! We have beginner and advanced workouts.

I have more questions? How can I get in touch with TMAC FITNESS?


Contact us anytime. We love answering questions and are happy to help you get started with your new account.

Transform Your Body and Mind

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