14 Jan 2017 Wellness Trends


This week I wanted to share an article that I thought did a great job recapping wellness trends in 2016 and is spot on for a few trends going into 2017. Personally, I am seeing a growing need for companies to embrace wellness programs not only for health and productivity levels of their current teams, but as recruiting tools as well. In addition to health and wellness becoming a more prominent part of the corporate environment I am also seeing this same concept becoming important for hotels; when people travel they want to know about the quality of the hotel gym. The biggest area of opportunity is the social element. We find community in sweating together. While our niche is online 20 minute workouts, I 100% advocate for you to find a local fitness club and participate a few times a week. Community is critical for your overall well-being.

Click here to see the biggest wellness trends coming in 2017.

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