12 Oct 15 Minute EMOM Gym Workout

Never heard of EMOM? Never fear! It’s a CrossFit term for “every minute on the minute” and refers to a fixed time limit workout. Luckily enough this workout is only 15 minutes. To get the most out of it make sure you are executing these moves with proper form. Dive on in and challenge yourself.

Gym Workout:

15 Minute EMOM

  • Hang Cleans – 10x
  • Box Jumps – 10x
  • Dips – to failure

How It Works:

Start with 10 Hang Cleans. At the one minute mark move on to 10 Box Jumps. At the two minute mark do dips to failure. Minute three you start again with 10 Hang Cleans. Continue on like this for 15 minutes. Remember, this will get more challenging toward the end of the workout as you get tired and your rest periods get shorter.

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