Is there a particular order I should do the TMAC FITNESS Workout Videos?

A: Yes. All TMAC Workout Videos are Total Body HIIT Workouts. (unless otherwise stated) *HIIT=High Intensity Interval Training

  • The TMAC “Cardio” workouts are designed to elevate your heart rate but not break down muscle tissue.
  • Your muscles need time to repair. This is why we advise you do the TMAC “Cardio” workouts in between your other TMAC Workouts. A typical week could look like the following:
Monday: TMAC “Rockstar”
Tuesday: TMAC “Cardio”
Wednesday: TMAC “Superman”
Thursday: TMAC “Cardio 2”
Friday: TMAC “Ninja”
Saturday: TMAC “Cardio”
Sunday: Fun Activity/Rest Day
Should I do anything else in addition to the TMAC FITNESS Workouts that day?

A: We adhere to the philosophy that the body is made to be in motion throughout the day, with brief spurts of high intensity training. A simple 20-minute walk after lunch is a perfect compliment to your TMAC 20 Workout.

That being said, if you love to run, then go run! You can do your TMAC
Workout after or later in the day. Remember the key is to keep fitness fun, make it work for you, and to keep your body moving throughout the day!

I hear TMAC talk about the 3:20’s. What are the 3:20’s?

A: You have three 20-minute windows throughout your day. When you wake up, lunch , and evening. Take advantage of these time slots and you will be more consistent in your training. Sample day using the 3:20’s:

  • Morning: TMAC 20-minute Workout
  • Lunch: 20 minute walk before or after lunch (bring a coworker)
  • Evening: 20 minute walk (with family, friends, or your pet)
You will get better results following the 3:20’s than you would by going to the gym for an hour long cardio class and then sitting the rest of the day!
The TMAC FITNESS Workouts are really hard and I am not able to finish most of the exercises. Should I continue?

A: Yes, the workouts are made to challenge you. You have to put the body under stress for it to change. If an exercise calls for 30 seconds of pushups and you can only do 10 seconds, that’s great. Just let the clock continue to count down and next time try to get in 15 seconds of pushups.

Can a beginner do the TMAC FITNESS Workouts?

A: The workouts are made for someone with a base level of fitness. That being said, you will still get great results if you do the 3:20’s and follow the TMAC Diet. Simply substitute the TMAC Workout with an additional 20 minute walk. Remember, the body is made to be in motion.

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What type of diet should I follow while doing the TMAC FITNESS Workouts?

A: The TMAC FITNESS Workouts are based on the concept of HIIT Training for short duration. This means you do not need a lot of carbs. The best way to eat when following this type of training program is:

  1. Eat tons of Veggies
  2. Quality sources of Protein & Fat
  3. Small servings of Fruit
How do I unsubscribe from my TMAC FITNESS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP?

A: Follow the directions below to cancel your TMAC FITNESS MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP:

  1. Log in to your TMAC FITNESS membership site
  2. Click the arrow next to your avatar in the upper right of the screen
  3. Select Settings
  4. Click on “Credit Card Info” in the top right of the screen
  5. Click on “Remove Card”
This will unsubscribe you from any future billing.